Wisconsin’s New State Supreme Court Justice Once Wrote That ‘Queers’ Who Get AIDS Deserve No Sympathy!

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This is horrific!

Scary writes from newly appointed Wisconsin state Supreme court Justice Rebecca Bradley have surfaced.

When she was in college, the powerful magistrate wrote articles in which she called lesbian people “queers” and said she had no compassion for AIDS patients because they had chosen to kill themselves.

In one piece, the magistrate even lamented at how people were somehow better off get AIDS rather than cancer because it would get better funding !!!

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel discovered some of the CRAZY stuff she wrote( below ):


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker — who appointed Bradley — released a one sentence statement on Monday, too 😛 TAGEND

“Justice Bradley appropriately made it clear today that a column writes to college does not reflect her opinions as a Supreme Court justice, a Court of Appeals judge, a circuit tribunal judge or as an attorney.”

Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin , who just so happen to be the first openly gay person to serve in the Senate, called Judge Bradley’s trash opinions “hate speech, ” and made a much stronger statement about it 😛 TAGEND

“These hateful and divisive writings create serious questions about Rebecca Bradley’s fitness to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court as a fair, impartial and independent justice.”

For what it’s worth, Bradley has yet to say whether she supports lesbian rights to wed, which were chose last year by the United States Supreme Court.

She also has never performed a same sexuality marriage ceremony, but according to her campaign, she would do so if asked.

Hmm … we think it may be time for her to put the power vested in her where her mouth is and prove it!

What do U think about this insanity ?!

[ Image via Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel .]

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