When It Comes To Running Out, These 15 People Can’t Even

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Whenever I think about get my workout on, I let NeNe Leakes be my guide.

And these people should, too.

If you’ve ever gone to the gym and caused an absolute scene, please know that you have a spirit sister in me. Smash my body between some weights and a steel plate, you say? Sure. It’ll construct me look like Beyonce, probably.

But there is cause for celebration, fellow anti-athletes! We’re not alone. Here are 15 wannabe gym rats who have less than no idea what’s going on.

1. This is basically a metaphor for trying to outrun your problems.

2. An embarrassing absence of fitness ability should always be paired with a spotter.

3. What was her endgame here?

4. Here’s what happens when pilates and yoga collide.

5. This is like bowling except it’s not even a little bit fun or effective in any way.

6. He’s doing the most while accomplishing the least.

7. Physic was not on their side.

8. Because why wouldn’t this run differently than the other 9,000, 000 tries on YouTube?

YouTube/ Nixa Zizu

9. This is just…so much.

10. Welcome to working out, where everything’s made up and our spines don’t matter.

11. That de-escalated quickly.

12. I juuuust don’t know what to do with this information.

13. “How do you even walk in those things? ” Who said anything about walking, sis?

14. At what point does someone just decide that he’s Spider-Man?

15. You asked me if I went to the gym. You did not ask me what I did.

The moral of the narrative is that in the great big world of physical fitness, some of us are a cut below the rest.

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