Trumps Shady Doctor Swears The Donald Is Healthy

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After last year’s much ridiculed health report, Donald Trump’s doctor issued a amazingly boring report on the candidate’s well-being. “>

It seems Donald Trumps personal physician is capable of writing a sane-appearing medical note after all.

In a letter released Thursday, Dr. Harold Bornstein of New York Citys Lenox Hill Hospital attested to Trumps general health. In four paragraphs of dry medical prose, Dr. Bornstein offered evidence of Trumps overall fitness, reported several test results, and gestured towards the longevity of the Trump clan as a whole.

The blandness of Thursdays letter is in contrast to the parody of a doctors note Dr. Bornstein released last December. In that letter, he proclaimed that Trumps physical exam indicated uniformly positive results, which was an immediate red flag that it wasnt a strictly medical document. Medical providers reserve use of the word positive for when they find something , not when everything is normal. A positive CT scan when youre looking for a tumor isnt deemed to be a good outcome, for example.

Puzzling, too, was Dr. Bornsteins proclamation that Trumps test results were astonishingly excellent. No matter how good people exam outcomes may be, physicians rarely react to them with stupefied amazement.

When it was later revealed that Dr. Bornstein dashed off the letter in five minutes while a limo send from the Trump campaign idled outside, it didnt come as much of a astound. Trump doesnt seem the kind of patient who would wait calmly while medical doctors wrote a letter, simply to the purposes of constructing it appear normal. How else to explain Dr. Bornsteins whopper of the concluding observations: If elected, Mr. Trump, I can nation unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.

Time travel not being on most accredited medical school curricula , no physician can make such a statement with any authority.

While it is not to Dr. Bornsteins credit that he was willing to put his name on an absurdity like the last letter, someone seems to have reminded him how to write a real one since.

Perhaps is conscious that his gravitas may be in need of shoring up, Dr. Bornstein begins by laying out his credentials, including graduating from Tufts University School of Medicine and being board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology. The hospital where he is on personnel, where I rotated briefly during residency, is on Manhattans Upper East Side, and often cares for well-do-to patients.( It received some negative publicity for the extraordinary security measures it put in place when Beyonc delivered Blue Ivy there .)

Dr. Bornstein goes on to report Trumps unremarkable medical history, and lists his height as 6-foot-3, and his weight as 236 lbs. This yields a body mass index of 29.5, which puts him in the highest range of overweight but shy of 30, the cutoff for defining obesity.

That one risk factor for ill health notwithstanding, the remainder of Dr. Bornsteins report depicts a 70 -year-old man in good health. His cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and C-reactive protein( a measure of rednes) are all in normal range. Screening tests for coronary heart disease and colon cancer are reassuring and, for those of you who care about such things, his testosterone levels are also within the normal range.

Trumps only medications are a lipid-lowering agent and a daily aspirin. For good measure, Dr. Bornstein had noted that Trumps parents both lived into ripe old age. The only reported fact about Trumps medical history that seemed to have been omitted is any mention of bone spurs.

All in all, its a professional-appearing report for an older man in generally good health. Nothing astonishing. Nothing that stacks him up favorably against William Henry Harrison. But a good health report.

Trump should lay off the fast food, but there seems no reason to question Dr. Bornsteins new assertion that Trump is in excellent physical health.

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