This simple test will tell you when youll die. Do you dare try it?

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Physical exams are common when going to the doctor.

Nowadays we have all kinds of machines to further decide our health conditions. But there is a test, a simple test, which cuts straight to the chase. Brazilian doctor Claudio Gil Araujo has come up with a basic exam which decides just how fit an individual really is. Turns out surveys have backed up this test as being a valid measure of ones health.

Heres how it goes. You sit down and stand up again, scoring phases while doing so. Check this out 😛 TAGEND

1. Stand relaxed, ensuring no furniture is near you. Traverse you legs. The exercise begin with 10 points.

2. While sitting cross-legged on the floor, dont subsistence yourself with any body portion other than your feet and your bottom. You lose a point if you support yourself with your hand, leg, knee or arm. Same applies if you support yourself with hand or elbow while on your knee. Half a phase is lost if you stumble or lose balancing while not supporting yourself.

3. Sitting cross legged on the floor, just like before dont utilize any body component other than feet and bottom. Stand up use merely your legs. Merely your feet can touch the floor. You lose a phase if you use another body part for support.

4. Keep track of your points and use the scale below to determine how long you have left to live in your current physical condition. Then decide what you need to do for your body to improve.

Patently this test will not is in relation to everyone, especially those with illnesses, or particular physical limitations.

This for sure is an interesting test and can gauge a certain level of fitness and durability, while finding out how much you need to improve your strength, stamina, and balance. Every point that you improve on can mean up to an extra 21% life expectancy! Share this test with your friends and family so they can gauge awareness for their own health and make improvements where necessary!

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