Fix for bad cell phone signals

Q. My cell phone barely works inside my house. Is there a route to get a better signal?

A. First, call your carrier, speak with a superintendent and nicely complain that you are not getting the service you are paying for. A femotcell may be the quick fix. AT& T offers a microcell and Verizon calls theirs a network extender. These contraptions do magic to broadcast a strong cellular signal. Unless your carrier devotes it to you for free( and I have heard that they will if you ask ), femtocells will set you back anywhere from $50 to $250, depending on the brand and the amount of data. You could also try a third-party signal booster. Click here to learn more about these and how to induce calls over Wi-Fi .

Monitor your heart rate

Q. Id like to monitor my heart rate. I dont want to wear a fitness tracker. Is there an app for that?

A. Try Instant Heart Rate. This free app use your phone’s camera to take reads. Just place your index finger over your phones camera lens and the app sees your heart rate based on your scalps colour changes. I tested it and the app was only a beat or two off tracking my heart rate manually. The app collects data from each reading to make charts that helps monitor your heart rate over hour. To keep your reads organized, add tags such as “Woke up, ” “Before bed, ” “Exercising, ” and “Resting.” Want something actually on the tech edge? Theres a scale that measures the waves in your arteries when you stand on it. Click here to learn more about this innovative route to know your pulsation wave velocity at home .

Why ilovefreshsashimituna is a great password

Q. You said on your national radio show that I love tuna is a great password. Do I require my hearing checked? This seems like bad advice.

A. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University say that passphrases are good for your online security. Long phrases provide the same randomness as a haphazard collecting of letters and emblems. Try one like this: ilovefreshsashimituna. Thats 21 lower suit letters, with no spaces. Also, it’s easy for me to remember because its true. I ran that phrase on Kaspersky Labs secure password check and it would take 10,000 centuries to be brute-forced. You can’t get much more secure than that.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update problems

Q. I heard the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was causing massive problems, so I’ve been putting it off. Is the update fixed now?

A. Directly after the update was released, there were reports of computers crashing after startup. If you do encounter this problem, you are able to fixing it by starting your computer in Safe Mode, or performing a Clean Boot. Since the problem is minimal, I’d recommend that you perform the update. Windows 10 has received positive feedback overall, and Microsoft has announced that the Anniversary Update is its last major update until next year. To get even more out of Windows 10, click here for some time-saving keyboard shortcuts.

Raise money for special events

Q. My spouse and I organize service events for our church, but fundraising is always a challenge. Is there an easier route to collect gifts?

A. Crowdsourcing is one of the best ways to raise money for special causes. There are several sites out there that offer this service; however, some are better suited for charities than others. I’d recommend GiveForward in this case. It allows for other types of gifts other than monetary. Meals and wish list items can also be donated, or people can offer terms of encouragement to lend their support. GiveForward does retain a 5-percent fee to cover-up its costs, but donors are given the option to cover this fee themselves so that it doesn’t come out of the charity’s pocket. Click here for more details about GiveForward and two more crowdfunding alternatives.

Back up your inbox

Q. I want to open a new Gmail account. Can I save copies of my old Gmail mail?

A. UpSafe is a free program that backs up the contents of your inbox and stores everything on your hard drive. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically, and UpSafe lets you restore selected messages that would otherwise be lost. Of course, having an archive of your messages protects you in case your account gets hacked. Click here to learn more about UpSafe .

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