Study claims iPads as effective a sedative before pediatric surgery

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Image: Priyanka Parashar/ Mint via Getty Images

The use of mobile devices by mothers to keep their kids occupied is fairly well established, but a new examine indicates that those devices’ pacifying consequence may even be useful for surgeries.

A new examine being published by the World Federation Of Societies of Anaesthesiologists( WFSA) claims that giving a child an iPad to employ before surgery can be as relaxing as a sedative.

“Our study showed that child and parental nervousnes before anaesthesia are equally blunted by midazolam or utilize of the iPad, ” Dr. Dominique Chassard said in a statement released in the run-up to the release of the group’s research findings.

Use of iPads or other tablet devices is a non-pharmacologic tool which can reduce perioperative stress

“However, the quality of induction of anaesthesia, as well as parental gratification, were judged better in the iPad group. Use of iPads or other tablet devices is a non-pharmacologic tool which can reduce perioperative stress without any sedative consequence in paediatric ambulatory surgery.”

The findings, which tested over 100 children use a mix of iPads and midazolam( a widely used sedative ), was conducted by Chassard and his colleagues at the Hopital Mere Enfant, Hospices Civils de Lyon in France.

The iPad study arrives nearly a year the American Academy of Pediatrics reversed its position on mobile devices and their potential negative effects on children.

Of course, use such a small number of research topics means the study’s results aren’t necessarily a guarantee that tablets are a pre-surgery cure-all for pediatric anxiety.

Nevertheless, it offers another data point which indicates that giving children tablets to mitigate stressful situations may have more positive effects than not.

The study’s findings are set to be presented at this week’s World Congress of Anaesthesiologists event being held in Hong Kong.

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