Save $ 895 by cutting holes in your socks, Yeezy fashion fans

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If you love Yeezy’s Season 2 collecting, you might wishes to stock up on socks and a glue gun.

Rather than spend a small fortune on Yeezy S2 knit boots, die-hard fans opted for an affordable DIY alternative that basically only requires cutting holes in your socks. Easy peasy, Yeezy.

It began when stylist Colette Emily created a Yeezy knit heel tutorial in March. To recreate the appear, simply pull thin socks over stilettos and cut a pit in the sock to allow the heel to slip through. Then, stick several pieces of tread videotape to the sole of the shoe and paint the videotape to match.

Consider it the logical alternative to the knit boots that retail for $895.

Shay Cherise, who goes by @thenuvogue on Instagram, adapted Colette’s tutorial and devised an approach that requires slightly less run. Rather than bother with videotape and paint, Cherise simply stuck a sandpaper adhesive to the sole of her sock-shoes.

The DIY approach has since become popular and Yeezy fans have shared their own sock-heel creations.

If Yeezy Season 2 inspired females across the internet to cut up their socks, we look forward to the DIY masterpieces Yeezy Season 3 will bring.

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