Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Returns To HBO For A Divorce( Please Say From Mr. Big )! Get Your First Look At The Breakup Comedy HERE!

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Finally, Sarah Jessica Parker is going through with her Divorce !

No, we’re not talking about her real life wedding to Matthew Broderick , but her highly-anticipated HBO series that tells “the story of a very, very long divorce.” LOLz!

The Sex& The City superstar is exec producing and starring in the half-hour comedy as Frances, a woman who reassesses her life and wedding, and we’re assuming at some phase, files for divorce!

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We’ll have to wait to find out how different Frances will be from Carrie Bradshaw, as we only have one promotional still to go off of.

Hmmm it doesn’t seem like Frances is as big of a style risk taker … But maybe that will happen after she’s liberated from the divorce?

It looks like we’ll have enough time to speculate — HBO chairman Michael Lombardo said at the Television Critics Association press day that he hoped the series would premiere in spring or summer of 2016!

Will YOU be watching Divorce ?

[ Image via HBO .]

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