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Review: Samsung Fit2 Average Cost $179.00
Gear Fit 2
I will cover individual features separately and what appealed to me and what didn’t



The Sleep Tracking will show up at random and tell you the quality of your sleep. I had a particularly restless night waking up about every 4 hours and it told me I had a 91% sleep efficiency. I cannot tell the Fit2 I am going to sleep as I could in the previous Samsung SM-R350. Last night the watch showed I went to sleep at 10:45pm and woke at 7:45am. This is pretty accurate. I actually went to bed at 10:30 and was particularly tired after a long day. However it says that was a 95% sleep efficiency, and I did not sleep all that well. I would like to track when I went to bed compared to when I actually fell asleep, but you can’t it’s all automated. I cannot see the percentage of quality really meaning anything if I cannot tell the device when I started trying to go to sleep. But the accuracy of the time I was in bed was correct.
The Fit2 comes with 9 display options, you can add more but at a cost for each screen you add. The Fit2 also added tracking for Water and Coffee intake as separate options on the app menu.
Music Control
The music player will control the music on your phone if the application is installed. I was able to very easily upload songs to the Fit2 from the phone app, but cannot listen to songs on the Fit2 unless I sync a separate Bluetooth headset. This means you have to turn off Bluetooth on your phone, then set your headphones to Bluetooth discovery mode then let the Fit2 sync. Then turn on the Bluetooth on the phone to re-establish connection to the app. Several steps that you may want to avoid when you want to go for a quick run – maybe just too much trouble.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a pair of Powerbeats2 wireless earbuds. The headphones are now pared with the Fit2 so I was unable to use them with my phone. I powered the Fit2 off and the phone was able to sync back up with the Powerbeats2. You may find this annoying at first as I did, but a quick power down of the Fit2 will allow the headset to resync with the phone.
This is what I was really excited about, to access my play list on Spotify. Sorry to say it is not covered in the SM-R360-Fit2 manual. Yea that is right, lot of hype on the sales page but nothing is mentioned. I search for the word “Spotify” and found nothing.

You have to install the Spotify app from the Play Store. This will allow the icon to show up on the Fit2, however it will not be functional yet. You must successfully log into Spotify from the app on your phone before the Fit2 can access (full instructions are included with the Wearable Fitness review available below). It also only works if you have a Bluetooth headset connected to the Fit2 so keep the issues in mind mentioned above with Bluetooth. It’s not the fault of the Fit2. However once setup it worked very well and as advertised.

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