Millennials want nothing to do with this avocado mac and cheese recipe

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The world of social media can be an unforgiving place, especially when it is necessary to food. And as it turns out, a whole lot of people aren’t into the idea of low-calorie mac and cheese. Much less when the cheese is partially substituted for–brace yourself–avocado.

The recipe, from PopSugar Food’s Nicole Iizuka, was demonstrated in a video re-posted by the Twitter account @TheFitFood on Friday. Suffice to say it’s provoked some rather strong feelings.

The recipe calls for coconut petroleum, almond flour, avocado, lime, garlic, goat cheese, chili snowflakes, basil, skim milk, salt, and, of course, macaroni. Many people on Twitter are reacting to the recipe, and the accompanying video, as a sort of culinary war crime.

It’s also worth noting that any dish that calls for two whole avocados isn’t exactly as lean as it could be( also, who heats up what is essentially guac ?). A single, medium-sized avocado contains about 230 calories, and as fruit go, they’re extremely high in fats. Of course, that seems to be less their own problems people are having with the recipe than the blasphemous nature of the ingredients involved. This is like the” peas in guacamole” scandal all over again.

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