How J.K. Simmons Got JackedWith Zac Efrons Abs Trainer

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Former Marine turned trainer Aaron Williamson, who’s worked with everyone from The Rock to Stallone to Efron, on how the’ Whiplash’ superstar get so shredded up. “>

You caught a glimpse of them sneaking out of the corners of his tight black T-shirt in Whiplash, but now actor J.K. Simmons has officially entered beast mode.

On Wednesday, trainer Aaron Williamson posted a pair of photos of the Oscar winner lifting weights at the gym, showcasing bulging biceps and veins that all but leapt through your computer screen and slapped you across the face. Simmons, who is 61, has given a whole new meaning to the old-man strength.

Wiseass Miles Teller-types beware.

Williamson is a former Marine and trainer to the stars, having helped sculpt the bodies of Jamie Foxx on Django Unchained, Zac Efron in Neighbors, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson on G.I. Joe: Retaliation( not that it needed much sculpting ). The bodybuilder met Simmons on the define of Terminator Genisys, where he was developing lead actor Jai Courtney. And apparently the Aussie actors physique devoted the grizzled Simmons a bit of body envy.

J.K. maintained telling me, I want limbs like that, Williamson tells The Daily Beast. So whenever wed develop together we started focusing on limbs and to try and bring his shoulders out a little bit. It eventually became the millennium development goals where he could find a role where he could wear a tank top and give people a look at something theyd never seen before.

According to Williamson, Simmons has been developing his body since before Whiplashwith an additional trainer, Dana Perribut in the past year the two have taken it to the next level, doing a mix of physique develop, blood volume work, and traditional weight training in order to make certain areas more round and construct things pop more.

We dont do a lot of bench work, says Williamson. J.K. has little aches and pains here and there, so we do a lot of what I call blood volume developing where you reached the muscle from different angles and make it in a manner that is where youre doing supersets and drop defines, so youre truly stressing the muscle out without use heavy weights which is much easier on your joints and tendons.

Theres been speculation that Simmons is getting jacked for his role as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movies, taking over for Gary Oldman. If hes preparing for Justice League, I dont know about it. This was just a personal aim of his he was trying to achieve, adds the training expert.


Rope Pressdowns superset with Overhead Rope Pressdowns 4 defines( each) x 10 -1 2 reps
Standing DB Curl superset with 1 arm DB Preacher Curl 4 defines( each) x 10 -1 2 reps
Bench Dips superset with DB Tricep Kickbacks 3 defines( each) x 12 -1 5 reps
Standing EZ Curl Bar superset with High 1 arm Cable Curl 3 defines( each) x 12 -1 5 reps


Seated Crunch Machine 4 defines x 15 -2 0 reps( 2-3 second contraction)
Hanging Leg Creates 4 defines x 15 -2 0 reps( controlled reps)
Planks 3 defines max hold

Simmonss dumbbell weight can go as high as 50 pounds, says Williamson: In the gym hes intense and in there to get results. Were at the point right now where J.K.s body fat is the lowest its ever been at well under 10 percent.

Williamson called develop with Dwayne Johnson a highlight, but the actor hes ran the most with is Johnsons Baywatch co-star Zac Efron. The two met on the 2012 movie The Lucky One, where Efron was tasked with transforming his Disney Channel body into that of a Marine sergeant, and now, after the gun show that was Neighbors, the ex-High School Musical star has become known for his buff physique.

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