Genius. How to figure out what you really should do for a living.

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Your workday takes up so much of your time.

Why would you want to expend your life on something you don’t care about, often with people you anti-care about?

You do want to wind up like this, right?

It’s a big choice, with tons of possibilities. Cozy up to your doubts by cutting yourself the slack this is necessary so you can do something about it. The worst thing you can do is nothing, only to float into a life you don’t want.

2. Know yourself.

It’s corny but true.

Most of us lack a calling we don’t hear a voice calling us to our careers.

Make a listing of everything you’ve ever enjoyed doing or stimulating. Anything. In the chaos of your listing, there’s bound to be what you’re looking for somewhere. You’ll find it in the next step.

3. Think a lot.

It may take you hours, days, weeks, or months to sort through your listing. Be patient with yourself. You have a lifetime of old reasoning to un-think. And you’re worth it. The other option is feeling stupid and trapped in a pointless gig.

4. Try something.

It’s probably impossible to entirely imagine what will actually happen when your notion collides with the real world, so try out your new vocation. Don’t discontinue your current undertaking . Just make time to volunteer or intern. Or take on a side project or two.

5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy.

Every successful product solves a problem someone’s having, and you need something unique to offer, so take some time to think about what drives people bats. Especially what exasperates the person or persons you hope will give you a chance. It’ll exert your entrepreneurial brain.

6. Be confident.

Another clichd truism. But often the only thing that separates successful people from everyone else is that they dared to actually imagine themselves as what they wanted to be .

The video’s got a lot more detail.

( Plus, it’s funnier .)

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