Ford built a baby bed that feels like it’s driving around the neighborhood

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Somebabies wont sleep unless they get a nighttime cruise around the neighborhood, as many mothers( my own included) can attest. Thats why Fords latest creation isnt a auto at all its a small cot for babies called Max Motor Dreams( via CNET) that simulates a drive using voice and motion, along with LED lighting designed to mimic yellow-hued streetlights.

The sound comes from actual recorded road noise, captured via an app on your telephone. The motion? Thats down to small motors for the purposes of the bed that provide motion so it feels like the crib is in motion even though its not actually moving.

If you are furiously trying a buy connection you can give up currently being only one of these, because Ford isnt a crazy company that likes throwing fund away on outlier notions. The Max Motor Dreams could see an eventual production run, however, pending interest, which might be a thing that happens IRL but likely not.

For now enjoy these images of this precious, eccentric design workout. The wood trim stimulates it, really.

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