Donald Trump Told Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Do Sit-Ups or Youre Fired

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The medically overweight GOP nominee forced Machado to do sit-ups and jumping rope in front of reporters to maintain her Miss Universe task in 1997. Tuesday morning, 20 years later, he wouldn’t let it go.”>

Few( if any, truly) of Hillary Clintons celebrity surrogates are as personally acquainted with Donald Trumps history of misogyny and denigration as former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

On early Tuesday afternoon, she appeared on a press bellow hosted by Team Hillary to discuss , among other things, how Donald Trump and this election have been a really bad dreaming for me.

Machado , now an actress and activist, pledged on the phone call to do everything she could between now and November 8th to recommend her fellow Americans to pull the lever for Hillary and defeat Trump, her one-time beauty-pageant terrorizer.

I’m a real girl, ” she said. I’m a mother. I’m an activist. I’m here for her.

Machado mentioned how she wept last night when Clinton stuck up for her during the debate, and how grateful and surprised she was. After all, the first time she interacted with a 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump forced her to do sit-ups to maintain her job.

Clintons team has already made Machados story a highly visible part of her campaign. The former Miss Universe has already stumped for Clinton in Miami late last month, just as Machado became an American citizen and registered to vote.

But two decades before she ever campaigned for Clinton and became the main topic during a televised presidential debate, the former beauty queen was already the objectives of Trumps public fat-shaming tacticswhich even included being forced to work off her weight at a gym in front of an assembled gallery of reporters.

It all beginning in 1996, when Machado, representing Venezuela and only 19 years old, won the Miss Universe crown.( It was the same year that Trump bought Miss Universe, Inc ., and first assumed his role as executive producer of the annual international pageant .) Machado quickly became the subject of a media frenzy when she she reportedly gained almost 60 pounds during her subsequent reign as Miss Universe.

When Alicia Machado of Venezuela was named Miss Universe nine months ago , no one could accuse her of being the size of the universe, the 1997 CNN report reads. But as her world expanded, so did she, putting on virtually 60 pounds.( Years subsequently, Machado would say she actually gained closer to just 15.)

It was then that Trump had invited what CNN called a rowdy pool of reporters to an exclusive gym to look on and snap photos as he trotted out the beauty queen to exercise in front of the cameras. Trump had her do sit-ups, ride a stationary bike, and leap rope for the crowd of photographers.

In recounting the gym incident to theNew York Times, Machado said that I was about to cry in that moment with all the cameras there. I said, I dont want to do this, Mr. Trump. He said, I dont care.

Rumors had surfaced that Machado might be forced to relinquish her Miss Universe crown if she didnt slim back down.

We had a choice of termination or do this, Trump said at the time. We wanted to do this … A lot of you folks have weight problems. I hate to tell you.

In the years since, Machado has discovered herself in the middle of other tabloid-ready disagreements, including being accused in 1998 of driving the getaway car from the scene of a shooting.( A Venezuelan judge concluded that there was insufficient evidence to arrest her as a suspected accomplice in the attempted slaying .) But the one that she claims has stuck with her the most over the past two decades is the bully and racism she says she endured from The Donald.

Earlier this year, Machado started stimulating the media rounds, accusing Trump of bigotry. Machado alleged the GOP nominee referred to her as Miss Housekeeping and Miss Piggy during her Miss Universe stint. Trump had also dubbed her “an eating machine” on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Machado told Inside Edition in May that Trumps bullying occurred all the time, and claimed that it induced her very depressed.

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