At the ‘Star Wars’ half-marathon, may the course be with you

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Anaheim, California( CNN) If there is an advantage that the “Star Wars” half-marathon has over most races of that distance, it may be that it has more fun per mile than most other 13.1 -milers. It also may have an invisible, ancient energy that bind all the athletes all together like an awakening “Force.”

This episode of “Fit Nation” will air on May 20 between 1 and 6 p. m. ET, and on May 21 between 5 and 6 p. m. ET.

The fun of all Disney-branded races begins with location, as the course snakes through the famous theme park. Then, pick your topic: general Disney, Princesses, Marvel superheroes, Tinkerbell, food and wine, and “Star Wars.” I suggested to organizers that an Indiana Jones theme should be next.

Most Disney athletes don dress( good guys and bad, which is probably why they skipped Indiana Jones ), like a fit-focused Comic-Con. As if dres as a favorite character weren’t enough, the “Star Wars” races add an inspiring John Williams rating that floats throughout the theme park. And there are professional character cameos and performances by Disney cast members, as they call themselves.

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