7 Things You Require To Do In The Hour Before Any Successful Date

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The most clichd dating advice I’ve ever heard is, “Don’t think too much about it.”To be fair, though, this isn’t wrong.

Of course you should put some guessed into your date. Sure, overthinkingprobably won’tresult in success, but “underthinking” can be just as disastrous.

Its important to understand what youll be get into. More importantly, you need to be ready for whats to come.

Before a date, you should never require more than an hour to fully prepare. It may feel like youre scrambling, but if you use every minute wisely, you’ll have more than enough time to prepare for a successful date( which, of course, will lead to future dates ).

Here are the seventhings that every guy should make sure he does in the hour before his date.

1. Make sure you’re socially lubricated.

There is no one right style to pregame a date.For some, pregaming might meana nice big glass of Carbernet; for others, it could be a couple shots of whiskey.

Hell, maybe you need aspliff to ease the nerves. Lord knows weve all been there.

No matterwhat you choose, its important to loosen up before your date.

Im not saying you should pull up to a first date sauced and slurring your words — or worse, stoned as a bat. In moderation , a little social lubrication can go a long way in battling those nerves.

2. Clean yourself up, son.

Shower ( if you havent yet ). Wash your face. If youre a bearded guy, make sure youre trimmed properly. If not, its likely a good idea to give yourself a fresh shave.

Make sure you looking presentable, since your appearance will define the tone for the rest of your date. Appearance is key.If you appear sloppy, what kind of impression do you think that will make about how you manage the rest of their own lives?

Dont forget cologne.

3. Listen to some music.

Before football gamesin high school, I used to put onthe entire “Ready to Die” album from The Notorious BIG true“pregame” music.

There was something about that album that pumped me up and got me “re ready for” football. And at the end of the day, dates arent all that different from big game — I mean, both have winners and losers, right?

So to make sure youre mentally prepared, its not a bad idea to spend some time before a big date listening to the right type of music. It’ll get you in the zone. I recommend something sultry, like Drake.

Be careful what you listen to, though. Pick the incorrect Drake song, and youll be stuck thinking about your ex the entire night.

4. Make sure you’re strapped with your date essentials.

I call itthe Holy Trinity of dating.

It’s easy for women to carry around what they need; that’s what purses are for.

Yet for “the mens” out there — at the least ones who dont carry pocketbooks — youre going to have to devote some thought to this. But fear not. Thats what Im here for.

If youve got an hour to kill before a date, just make sure that youve got the Holy Trinity. It’s simple: chapstick, gum and condoms.

You may not require all of the three — hell, you might not require any of the three — but theyre important to keep on you just in case.

ABP, human. Always. Be. Prepared.

5. Do some brief cardiovascular exercise.

While its likely not a good idea to work out too hardor get too sweatybefore a first date, I would recommend get the blood flowing a little bit.

Whether that entails knocking out a couple of pushups or pullups( if you have one of those handy on-top-of-the-door pull-up bars) before your shower, if you have any hopes of get intimate with your date, youre going to want to be in the best physical shape as possible.

Granted, Im not sure 20 pushups will compensate for the beer gut you developed in college. But they cant hurt.

6. Do a quick — but thorough — background check.

If you have some time to kill before a first date, it doesnt hurt to do a little background check.

Yes, Im talking the works: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn( from an incognito browser, naturally ).

Youre going to want to get an idea of who youre meeting. By stalking this person’ssocial media profiles, youll get a better impression of whats going to attain the best impression.

If she’s wearing a Bob Dylan T-shirt in a photo, it might be in your best interest to fell a Dylan lyric over dinner.If she’s posing on a yacht in a lot of her pictures, it might work for you to pick up the check. I dont know — it’s just an idea.

Also, its important to check she doesnt have any priors or war criminals history before the date — unless youre into these sorts of shit( I know I sort of am ).

7. Make sure your funds are secured.

This one might be the most important thing to do in the time before your date: MAKE SURE YOUR FUNDS ARE SECURED.

There will be nothing more humiliating and harmfulto your chances for a second datethan offering to pick up the check and realise you dont have enough fund to covering it.

If youre going plastic, make sure youve got your credit card( s ). If youre looking to pay in cash, make sure youve get big enough bills to cover the cost of the dinner — without having to scrap together crumpled singles and fives. That they are able to just attain you appear unprepared and plebeian.

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