40+ Fitness

How should you exercise differently when you cross the 40+ age range?


Well the obvious is that your body starts to slow down you may find you look forward to a 3pm cup of coffee (personally I am looking for a Cappuccino).
Perhaps you still go to the gym but find the marathon workouts you once enjoyed are not quite as appealing.
If you were being honest you might just say you don’t have that much energy any more although you might say you have more important things
to do with your time or your career gets in the way. Yea all good reasons but there is more to it, we are really good at substituting one
activity for another and just altering our activities to fit this change little by little, so we may not notice. The truth is if you put on some extra weight it was “one bite at a time”. Maybe it went on for a while then you became more aware, like summer came and you found you could not button your favorite shorts or whatever you like to wear. As you changed little by little so shall your habits change to better ones little by little. Don’t fall for new years resolutions they don’t work. Gym memberships surge in January and I always hate it, you can’t get to equipment you want. Then come February – March it starts to thin out and all those “new years resolution’ers” stop coming again. Unless you start slow and re-condition yourself to a change in your lifestyle it wont matter the change is more of a “I need to” when it has to become “I have to” if you want to really see any results. I begin to give up small things like never eating cereal for breakfast. A trainer told me cereal is all carbs and it would turn to sugar. I would either have eggs or a protein shake. This was only one of many changes I will share but you must understand it was one day at a time. I was changing how I saw food and health in general, but it took taking an interest in what I ate and how I felt mattered. Sorry McDonald’s fans you will not ever find me inside a McDonald’s unless I am looking for coffee or once in a while breakfast. I have averaged 2 or 3 years between visits. I am not down on McDonald’s, no I am fairly avoiding Carl’s Jr since they were voted the most fattening burger in America. Take your pick Hardees, A&W, Burger King, Jack in the Box – the list does on. These are just a few of the many places contributing to the problem by feeding the “fast food” I am in a hurry mentality. You can eat somewhat better when you have to do it quick. I like the Chili at Wendy’s, If I go to Panda I order fresh steamed vegetables instead of rice. I can’t always have a good meal, I travel a lot but it does not mean I do this on a frequent basis. I plan my trips with time for decent nourishment. I also ask myself do I need to eat or do I want to eat. You don’t really need to eat because it is noon. Sometimes I drink some water and find I was thirsty, being slightly dehydrated can fool you into eating when you really needed water.
The truth is you can feel good again and have a lot of energy but you need to start by analyzing what you put in your body and your daily activity.

So the journey begins I will start to track what I found at different places to eat and other important things like supplements and exercise.

One thing that is consistent is some type of exercise will benefit everyone.
You should focus on 20 minutes a day as your initial target.
Now the content of that 20 minutes will be covered in the future.


Do you know the top three contributing factors?
Here there are by percentage:
19% Just not using your brain, lack of education can be a contributing factor
14% Smoking
13% No physical activity

5 Nutrients for Women

    Vitamin D
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    Vitamin B12
    Folic Acid (B9)

Can you overdo your cardio?
Yea actually people do it all the time.
You get on a treadmill or elliptical and reach a steady state and just keep doing it day after day.
You break a sweat so you feel good about going to the gym, until tomorrow when you “rinse and repeat”.
You don’t actually raise your metabolism, you just plateau at some point and nothing changes.

The bad news is your body releases Cortisol to handle the added stress, and Cortisol actually causes weight gain making it even harder to loose stubborn belly fat. The trick is to shock your body so it does not get used to the physical effort or workout.
More on that in future post.