13 awesome tech gifts for everyone on your vacation listing

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Tis the time of year when the craze of holiday shopping makes and you find yourself wracking your brain for good gift ideas. This time, youre trying to plan far enough ahead so you dont end up emailing Amazon e-certificates at the 11 th hour.

Fear not, theres still plenty of time to get everyone a thoughtful and really cool gift. Heres a handy guidebook of tech gifts for everyone youre shopping for. Ranging from affordable to splurge-worthy, theres plenty of tech to go around.

For the friend who wants to escape reality


Youll be a superhero in your gamer giftees eyes when you present him or her with the View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer. It is the perfect and affordable style to introduce anyone to their own virtual reality headset and escape reality, especially when they can dive into practically-limitless VR content and adventures from View-Master or Google Cardboard. The headset comes with a headphone connector and concentrate wheel. ($ 39.99)

For the forgetful

For the friend youre always waiting for because she can never find her keys, get her the Tile Mate. Theres a convenient pit for attaching to key chains, handbags or knapsacks. The distinct ringtones you can should be allocated to individual Mates will stimulate seeing anything a cinch.( Individual $24.99; or 4-pack for $69.99)

For the fitness buff

The TomTom Touch makes all the things youd expect from a fitness wearable like activity tracking, step counter, sleep monitor and heart rate monitor. But what it also offers, if you dare, is one touch body composition which measures fat and muscle percentages. Eeek. ($ 129.99)

For the constant communicator

For any mother who wants to keep tabs on the kids when theyre scattered about the house, Nucleus is an always-on intercom for monitoring a napping newborn, calling kids down for dinner or merely reminding them to clean that room. Nucleus also works with a complementary app for one-touch video calling from anywhere and syncs with Alexa for access to Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. ($ 249 for one intercom; $398 for two; $597 for three)

For the adventurer

Every adventure deserves good tunes and the UE Roll 2 can manage anything you throw at it. The unique disc shape emits 360 -degree sound, and the stretchy bungee means it can attach to anything. The best part is that its entirely waterproof, so adventures by land or by sea come complete with music. ($ 99.99)

For the avid reader

Any loyalist who hasnt yet stimulated the switch to e-books because they like the feel of real books, will truly be amazed by how real pages appear on the new Kindle. Its thin and light and while it might not have the heft of a physical book, thousands of titles( free for Amazon Prime members) at any readers fingertips certainly make up for it. ($ 59.99)

For the foodie

Home cooks can deep fry to their hearts content with the new KRUPS Deep Fryer. There are four digital presets for fried mainstays: chicken nuggets, onion rings, fries and doughnuts. It fits three different baskets so you can experiment with frying several things at once. Deep-fried kale, anyone? ($ 79.99)

For the note-taker

Your friend is an assiduous note taker and is always building listings of some sort. With the Wacom Bamboo Slate, any notes written on this smartpad are instantaneously be synced to a mobile device. The level of detail even captures the slightest stroke of the pen, and having instant digitized notes without are concerned about cumbersome styli is a boon for note takers everywhere. ($ 129.95)

For the risk-taker

Spontaneous fires havent devoted hoverboards a great name, but they certainly werent UL-certified and flame resistant like the Jetson V6. Powered by LG, this hoverboard works with riders of all levels and also features Bluetooth speakers and LED lightings. Definitely in the splurge category, but will exempt you from having to buy another present for the recipient for a whole year. Maybe even two. ($ 399.99)

For the friend who never calls you back

If youre sure its not because he is avoiding you, its likely that hes just super busy. Anyone who has that much going on could surely use an extra pair of hands, or Fancy Hands, that is. The base package gives you five petitions a month, whether its negotiating your cable bill or buying Aunt Jane a present. ($ 29.99/ month)

For the traveler

Weve all been there, at the airport check-in, frantically transferring items from suitcase to carry-on to avoid the hefty overweight charges. With the AirScale by Oaxis, this nifty contraption can weigh luggage up to 88 lbs. and also is a power bank. No extra fees and a fully juiced phone make any flying experience better. ($ 59)

For the art lover

Art is subjective, which is why this EO2 digital frame by Electric Objects is ideal for art fans everywhere. With thousands of masterpieces to choose from, users to be able to switching from impressionists to modern photography on a caprice using a complementary app. Definitely pricey, but not when compared to a trip to the Louvre. ($ 299 for frame, $9.99/ month for art subscription)

For the sentimental-at-heart

Seeing a constant slideshow of favorite memories with favorite people is sure to brighten any day and the Nixplay Iris is a beautiful style to do that. Simply send photos to this stylish 8 frame and photos instantaneously appear to the delight of those viewing it. Perfect for grandparents who never get tired of seeing those cute child photos. ($ 199.99)

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