12 Types Of Singaporean Girls You’ll Find On Social Media

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The cyber world has become pretty interesting ever since social media took over the Internet.

You find all kinds of people on social media: some we detest, some we adore and all of which, we stalk.

If youve been active on social media long enough, youll realize that there are certain types of people on social media.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter you name it, these people are everywhere.

Yup, were talking about the 12 different types of Singaporean daughters on social media 😛 TAGEND

The Fashionista

Most commonly seen on Instagram, the fashionista has her Instagram grid filled with pictures of her in hundreds of different outfits, one for every day of the year.

Poses often include touching their hair, seeming down on the ground or um, intersecting the road.

Thoughnotprofessional models, some of these girls areundeniably gorgeous, and they become an actual style inspiration to many, gaining themselves a strong following on social media.

However, actual fashionistas or not, you cant deny that youre envious of all the clothes they seem to possess. Sometimes, you cant help but wonder, “How come they dont seem to re-wear anything? ”


Also known as the selfie queen.

Her favoritelineis probably, “But first, let me take a selfie.”

This is the girl who floods your social media feed with shoots of — you guessed it — herself.

She often posts a multitude of similar photos in different angles of her all dolled up.

In some instances, photos are strategically angled from high-above, devoting the wolves of cyberworld the “best view” of her cleavage.

Its simple; girls detest them, guys love them.

The Drama Queen

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Shes the one who always seems to be engulfed in heated keyboard fightings on social media; she’s the ambassador of indirect tweets and status updates.

Shes a drama magnet, and even if she doesnt go go looking for drama, somehow it always seems to find her.

Take online celebrity Naomi Neo for example. She has been very vocal and expressive with her believes, often penning it down on her personal blog, without holding back.

This has depicted her a fair share of fans and haters, but I guess thats the life of a drama queen.

Its drama 24/7 — even if you dont ask for it.

The Fitness Enthusiast

With toned abs and a perky butt, this girl has a figure all the girls dreams of.

A lot more daughters are picking up fitness habits, and theyre proud to share it on social media.

Their postsoften include mirror selfies in the gym, yoga poses with her fitted athletics get up onor pictures ofher detoxifying juices and eat-clean diets.

We aspire to be like these girls, but deep down, we all know we wouldnt be able to commit to that boring eat-clean diet for long.

The Foodie

Shell go to every corner and every street in search of hipster cafs. She Instagrams every meal she has, dedicating mini reviews on her food blog, Facebook or Instagram.

On Instagram, herpictures are often captioned with hashtags like, #foodie #foodporn #instafood.

Warning: Stay away from her accounts when youre hungry.

The Mom

Shes the one whose kids have completely taken over their own lives — even on social media.

You barely considered her face on her profiles, as they’re always bombarded with pictures of her kids.

Shes also inundating your Facebook feed with status updates on her kids milestones and achievements, and sometimes, she shares a little too much info … like how her toddler merely crapped all over his pants.

But then again, we simply cant assist but join her in adoring her little rascals. After all, they are cute.

The Party Girl

These arethe girlswhose Instagramscome alive when the majority of members of us are sound asleep.

Photos of them scantily garmented, dancing in clubs and basically raving the night away as they getalcohol poured into their mouths, are plastered all over their social media.

These are the girls who know how to have a good time and arent afraid to show it.

The Performer

People who say Singapore has no talent plainly hasnt been on social media enough to discover girls like Hashy Yusof andEstelle.Fly.

These ladiestake pride in serenading us via their social media platforms with their melodic voices.

From 15 -second encompass on Instagram to full encompas videos on YouTube, these are the girls we cant help fallingin love with once they start singing.

The So-In-Love

This is the girl whos happily in love, and happy to show it to the rest of the world.

Herposts frequentlyproclaim her love and gratefulness for her partner, getting some peoples hair standing, while building the rest ofus go, aww, while wishing we had a relationship like hers.

Oh, and not to forget, her sweet essays usually aim of with a hashtag created by fusing both of their names together.

For those of you who feed off other peoples happiness and who believe in love, these girls make for great #relationshipgoals.

But if youre experiencing a bad breakup right now or a sour patch in your relationship, you might wanna steer clear — at least for now.

The Insurance/ Housing/ MLM Agent

They’rethe ones you receive a Facebook message from out of the blue asking, Hey! How have you been?

Before you know it, you realise where this is leading to.

These are the girls who use social media as a tool to sell their the insurance policies. First, they act nice and caring and ask for a meet up, before ultimately revealing their ulterior motives.

The worst part? Its always really difficult and awkward to reject their proposed meet ups because of the so-called friendship thats there.

They are also frequently posting updates on why you should be insured, or the various properties available. Youll know one when you come acrossone.

The Emo

Shes the complete opposite of the so-in-love girl.

Her social media is made up ofdepressing, emotionally unstable, self-pitying status updates , not to mention emotional quote retweets.

You’ll often find her posting black and white selfies, captioned with something that runs like, putting on a fake smile when my heart is crying.

This girl probably just got out of a bad break up, so perhaps give her some time, and all the depressing tweets will blow over.

Or alternatively, theres the unfollow button.

The Almost Non-Existent

Lastly, theres the girl who has all the social media accounts, but you wonder what for.

There is zero activity on her social media, and you dont notice shes on your friends list until three years later, by chance.

We dont know much about herbecause of herlack of activity on social media, but we assume she’sprobably utilizing heraccounts simply to stalk other people feedto stay “updated.”

So there you have it: 12 types of Singaporean daughters on social media.

Let us know if weleft any out.

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