101 ways to take care of yourself when the world feels overwhelming.

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I think that, for most of us, there are times in life when it all merely feels like Too Much.

There may be some days, weeks, months, maybe even years when for whatever reason merely getting through the working day or going to work or putting one foot in front of the other feelings hard. Actually, really hard.

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Maybe its because youre wrestling with anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness.

Maybe its because youve had your heart breach. Perhaps youve gone through a physical or emotional trauma. Perhaps youre deep grieving. Or maybe theres no easily understood reason for why youre feeling bad .

Whatever the suit, I want you to know that its OK if youre going through a tough time.

This doesnt attain you any less lovable, worthy, or capable. This just means youre human. Being a human can be a messy, hard, confusing, painful experience sometimes.

So if you or someone you love is going through one of these tough times right now, a period where it all merely feels like too much, I want to offer up 101 suggestions for self-care to help you or your loved one get through this time.

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1. Have a good, long, body-shaking yell.

2. Call a trusted friend or family member and talk it out.

3. Call in sick. Take comp period if you can. Take a mental health day.

4. Say no to extra obligations, chores, or anything that pulls on your precious self-care period.

5. Book a session( or more !) with your therapist.

6. Dial down your expectations of yourself at this time. When youre going through lifes tough times, I invite you to soften your expectations of yourself and others.

7. Tuck yourself into bed early with a good book and clean sheets.

8. Watch a comforting/ silly/ funny/ lighthearted Tv display or movie.( “Parks and Recreation, ” anyone ?)

9. Reread your favorite painting and chapter volumes from childhood.

10. Ask for some love and tenderness from your friends on social media. Let them comment on your post and remind you that youre loved.

11. Look at some some really gorgeous pieces of art.

12. Watch YouTube videos of Ellen DeGeneres and the adorable children she has on her display.

13. Seem at faith-in-humanity-restoring lists from around the internet.

14. Ask for help . From whomever you need it your boss, your doctor, your partner, your therapist, your mama. Let people know you need some help.

15. Wrap yourself up in a cozy fleece blanket and sip a cup of hot tea.

16. Breathe . Deeply. Slowly. Four countings in. Six counts out.

17. Hydrate . Have you had enough water today? 18. Eat . Have you eat something healthy and nourishing today? 19. Sleep . Have you slept seven to nine hours? Is it period for some remainder? 20. Shower . Then dry your hair and put on clothes that attain you feel good.

21. Go outside and be in the sunshine.

22. Move your body gently in ways that feel good. Maybe aim for 30 minutes. Or 10 minutes if 30 feels like too much.

23. Read a story( or tales) of people who overcame adversity or maybe dealt with mental illness, too.( I personally admire J.K. Rowlings story .)

24. Go to a 12 -step session. Or any group meeting where subsistence is offered. Check out church listings, hospital listings, or school listings, for example.

25. If you suspect something is a possibility physiologically off with you, go see your doctor and/ or psychiatrist and talk to them. Medication might help you at this time, and professionals can assist you in assessing this.

26. Take a long, hot bath. Illuminated a candle and pamper yourself.

27. Read inspirational quotes.

28. Cuddle someone or something. Your partner. A pillow. Your friends puppy.

29. Read previous emails, postcards, letters, etc. from friends and family be borne in mind of happier times.

30. Knit. Sculpt. Bake. Engage your hands.

31. Exhaust yourself physically operating, yoga, swimming, whatever helps you feel fatigued.

32. Write it out. Run free-form in a journal or on a computer. Get it all out and ventilate.

33. Make a plan if youre impression overwhelmed. List out what you need to do next to tackle and address whatever youre facing. Chunk it down into manageable and understandable pieces.

34. Remind yourself you only have to get through the next five minutes. Then the coming five. And so on.

35. Take 5 minutes to meditate.

36. Write out a list of 25 reasons youll be OK.

37. Write out a list of 25 examples of things youve overcome or accomplished.

38. Write out a list of 25 reasons youre a good, lovable person.

39. Write out a list of 25 things that attain your life beautiful.

40. Sniff some perfumes that “ve brought you” joy or remind you of happier times.

41. Ask for subsistence from friends and family via text if voice-to-voice contact feels like too much. Ask them to check in with you via text daily or weekly, whatever you need.

42. Lay down on the ground. Let the Earth or floor hold you. You dont have to hold it all on your own.

43. Clean up a corner of a room of your home. Sometimes tidying up can help calm our minds.

44. Ask yourself: Whats my next most immediate priority? Do that that. Then ask the question again.

45. Read some verse. Rumi, Hafiz, and Mary Oliver are all excellent.

46. Take a tech violate. Delete or deactivate social media if it feels too triggering right now.

47. Or perhaps get on tech. If youve been isolating, maybe interacting with friends and family online might feel good.

48. Run out in public and be around others. You dont have to engage, but perhaps sit in a coffee shop or on a bench at a museum and soak up the humanity around you.

49. Or if youre feeling too saturated with contact, go home. Cancel schemes and tend to the introverted parts of yourself.

50. Ask friends and family to remind you that things will be OK and that what youre impression is temporary.

51. Put up some Christmas sunlights in your bedroom. They often attain things more magical.

52. Spend a little money and treat yourself to some self-care and consolation. Perhaps take a taxi versus the bus. Buy your lunch instead of forcing yourself to pack it. Buy some flowers that delight you.

53. Make art. Scribble with crayons. Splash some watercolours. Paint a boulder. Whatever. Just create something.

54. Go wander around outside in your neighborhood and take a look at all the lovely houses and the style people decorate their gardens. Delight in the diversity of design.

55. Go visit or volunteer at your local animal rescue. Pet some animals.

56. Seem at photos of people you love. Define them as the wallpaper of your phone or laptop.

57. Create and listen to a playlist of ballads that remind you of happier times.

58. Read some spiritual literature.

59. Scream, pound pillows, rip up newspaper, shake your body to move the energy out.

60. Eat your favorite, most comforting foods.

61. Watch old “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” videos online.

62. Turn off the sunlights, sit down, stare into space, and do absolutely nothing.

63. Pick one or two things that feel like progress and do them. Induce your bed. Put away the dishes. Return an email.

64. Run to a church or spiritual community service. Sit among others and assimilate any guidance or grace that feels good to you.

65. Let yourself to fantasize about what youre hoping or longing for. There are clues and energy in your reveries and daydreamings that are worth attaches great importance to.

66. Watch autonomous sensory meridian reaction videos to help you calm down and was sleeping at night.

67. Listen to monks chanting, singing Tibetan bowls, or nature voices to help soothe you.

68. Color in some colouring volumes.

69. Revisit an old pastime. Even if it feels a little forced, try your hand at things you used to enjoy and watch what comes up for you.

70. Go to the ocean. Soak up the negative ions.

71. Go to the mountains. Assimilate the strength and security of them.

72. Run to the wood. Drink in the shelter, life, and sacredness of the trees.

73. Put down the personal help volumes and pick up some good old-fashioned fiction.

74. Remember: Your only task right now is to put one foot in front of the other.

75. Allow and feeling and express your feelings all of them! safely and properly. Try out help if you need subsistence in this.

76. Listen to sad ballads or watch sad movies if you need a good yell.( “Steel Magnolias, ” anyone ?)

77. Dance around wildly to your favorite, most cheesy ballads from your high school years.

78. Put your hands in dirt. If you have a garden, go garden. If you have some indoor plants, tend to them. If you dont have plants or a garden, go outside. Run to a local nursery and touch and smell all the gorgeous plants.

79. If you want to stay in bed the working day watching Netflix, do it. Indulge.

80. Watch or listen to some comedy depicts or goofy podcasts.

81. Seem up examples of people who have gone through and built it through what youre currently facing. Try out models of inspiration.

82. Get expert help with whatever you need. Whether thats through therapy, psychiatry, a lawyer, clergy, or something else, let those trained to support you do it.

83. Train yourself about what youre going through. Learn about what youre facing, what you can expect to feel, and how you can support yourself in this place.

84. Establish a routine and stick to it. Routine can bring so much consolation and grounding in times of life that feel chaotic or out of control.

85. Do some hardcore nesting and attain your home or bedroom as cozy and beautiful and comforting as possible.

86. Get up early and watch a sunup.

87. Go outside, set up a chair, and watch the sunset.

88. Make your own list of self-soothing activities that engage all five of your senses.

89. Develop a supportive morning rite for yourself.

90. Develop a relaxing evening ritual for yourself.

91. Join a subsistence group for people who are going through what youre going through. Check out the listings at local hospitals, libraries, churches, and universities to insure whats out there.

92. Volunteer at a local shelter or hospital or nursing home. Practice being of service to others who may also be going through a tough time.

93. Accompany a friend or family member to something. Even if its merely keeping them company while they operate errands, sometimes this kind of contact can feel like good self-care.

94. Take your puppy for a walk. Or borrow a friends puppy and take them for a walk.

This kangaroo dog loves walks.

95. Challenge your negative thinking.

96. Practice grounding, relaxation techniques.

97. Do something spontaneous. Walk or drive a different way to run. Order something new off the menu. Listen to a playlist of new ballads.

98. Run with your doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist to develop a physical exercise plan and food plan that will be supportive to whatever youre facing right now.

99. Pray. Meditate. Write a letter to God, the universe, the Source, your higher self whatever you believe in.

100. As much as you can, try and trust the process.

101. Finally, recollect, what youre going through right now is temporary. It may not feel like that from inside the tough time youre in, but this too shall pass and you will feel different again someday. If you cant have confidence in that, let me hold the hope for you.

This list is truly merely a starting point meant to catalyze your own thinking about how you can best take care of yourself during lifes tough times and to spark your curiosity and interest in strengthening your self-care now and ongoing.

It’s not meant to be prescriptive nor do I mean to connote you need to do all or any of these things to take good care of yourself. You are the expert of your own experience, and I trust that you know whats best for you.

Also, my hope is that in reading this, youre hearing me say how normal and natural it is to conflict and to have these tough, hard times. Its part of being human.

Youre not alone in this .

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